About Us


We create spaces with love for art, designing every bit with proffesionalism to perfection.

Synthesizing the universe while filtering the past into the future. We design today with our goal to translate that to interior designs of the present.

Our main goal is to get to know to story of the people we work with, learning their lives, devotions,beliefs and culture. Personalized solutions is the key to our succesful teamwork.

After getting his degrees on Interior Design and Enviromental Design in Istanbul, Hasan Sefa Sofuoğlu has attented Europe’s most prestigious Domus Academy for his Master’s Degree with outstanding credits. While attending several workshops, he focused and gained versatile skills on; yacht design, private jet design, interior space physcology, interor and space design, lighting design theory, green spaces, interior and living space design etc.

He never loosened his ties with Italy where he calls his second home, he worked in Milan as a lead designer managing succesful projects.

After SONO became alive, he pursues his career designing interior spaces and art designs mainly in Istanbul and Milano, Miami and Kiev.

He works as a team with interior designers, art directors, product designers and graphic designers. Various sculptures, paintings, installations, art works, lighting designs and furnitiure designs are found in his multidisciplned portfolio.

He is academically involved as a supporting project leader and blogging on online design magazines. He consults international furniture companies on concept collections.

He is the creator and owner of the design studio that is ‘’Designsono’’ which consists of all these elements.